What I do

I have always been a hands-on teacher.  I want to show you how to become your own guru and stop looking outside of yourselves for the answers.  Because, in truth, we all have our own answers, we just sometimes need a coach and cheerleader on the sidelines to point us in the right direction and believe for us that we can do for ourselves.

How I do what I do

I have generally been a renegade when it comes to spiritual matters.  My intuition has always guided me.  When I first began healing work, I used my own swag method, Silly Wild-Ass Guess instead of following the protocols of other healing methods.  Everyone is different and using one modality just didn’t fit for me.  I now use my own creation of intuition, tapping and running energies through the body and calling in the energy we want to experience.  I call it, In Real Life tapping.  IRL for short.

We are no longer bound by how things should be…

I really believe that the majority of what we know and think about our reality is just a belief.  If we change our belief, we can change our life.  But how do we go about changing our beliefs?  First, we have to discover them.  I use tapping as a way to bring those beliefs to light.  Then I like to use Neville Goddard’s method of bringing in what I want to experience.  I like to do an energy exercise of  “future now” to feel what it feels like in our bodies, creating an anchor for the energy in the universe to find a place in my body and my energetic field.

If you are ready to transform your life and your energy, feel free to schedule a session with me.

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