I believe in the power of Release. In 2016, Release became my theme for the year. I released my job of almost 15 years in March, I released a lot of fear thinking around finances, and I released a LOT of weight on my body.

2016 and 2017 were very interesting years of learning and seeing just what I can do when I no longer accept the limitations I had accepted from others and imposed on myself. RELEASE!

I released my beliefs around what I SHOULD be eating according to “experts.” What I found was everything they said I had to eat each day for optimal health, was slowly and painfully trying to kill me. No kidding, lugging around 210+ pounds everywhere is exhausting and painful. So I looked at the exact opposite of what I was being told and found my body and mind responded very well. I started losing weight immediately, and I had energy. I wasn’t hungry and my attitude didn’t suddenly take a nose dive into binge eating and crazy cravings. Bless you, Keto Diet and Bless you You Are A Babe!  Seriously – Check out Betty’s site!  She is amazing.

Next, I released “I don’t have time for…” in my life. I began walking every day. I made time for the things I had been putting off in my life. Exercise, painting, clearing out my home and releasing stuck energy. It was transforming. Every baby step was energizing and led to more baby steps. I found a wonderful accountability partner which was very empowering and eventually I released 6 dress sizes! Not sure how much weight I have lost – I threw the scale out!

Talking with my girlfriends one day I realized I had been fulfilling everyone else’s dreams and desires and had shoved my dreams so far down, I had no idea what I wanted anymore. I had to use EFT daily for a week to figure out what I really wanted to do, I had to clear lots and lots of confusion! I began meditating again. I began reading spiritual teachings again. I was in heaven and my outer world was beginning to reflect my inner beliefs.

I began putting myself as a priority… WHAT! My husband and four kids were a little taken aback, but couldn’t deny that what I was doing was working. By Thanksgiving 2016, I was really seeing the results of my efforts.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked at the picture and saw such a huge difference. My body image in my mind hadn’t yet caught up with my body in real life. By this point, as you can imagine, I had released my entire wardrobe. I am really picky about what comes into my closet now. Do I love it? Do I look fantastic in it? Does it make me feel wonderful wearing it? I no longer buy things because they are on sale or a really good bargain. Nothing sitting in my closet is there by chance.

I am not done transforming. I am always working on my belief systems, using meditation and EFT. I am constantly reading and listening to books AND now I am teaching and giving Sunday Sermons at Unity Churches. (Something I never believed before that I would be doing!)

Want to have some fun with me and transform yourself and become your own guru? Keep reading the website and see what it has to offer you.

Love and blessings to all.